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Please Join and/or watch the group if you like the book! Everybody is welcome! :dummy:

This is the official group for the Warriors fan fiction, MoonClan's Prophecy, written by MoonTheGreat.

"The blazing snow and the flickering flame will have powers greater than StarClan, and they will come together to melt the darkness that threatens MoonClan and restore peace to the forest."

MoonClan is successful, prosperous and proud. They live in peace, tucked away in a forest without any distraction from Twolegs or other cats, and their biggest worry is a fox or badger. That is, until bodies of their own clan mates begin to appear, their killer unknown, and the clan is forced to turn to a moons old prophecy that foretells of the Two who will rise up to face the challenge. Will MoonClan live, or will they be slowly wiped out?

Quick Info:
The MoonClan RPG was created on February 14, 2011 by MoonTheGreat. Over a year later, in April of 2012, it was decided to turn it into a fan fiction. Making a group to organize it, the long journey began. Starting with only a small handful of fans, the story has since grown and gained more and more people.

Author of MoonClan's Prophecy and founder of the group: MoonTheGreat
Co-founders and part of the RPG: Lionpaste, Viszla7 and BlossomCloud

Thank you to all who have helped this story grow and prosper!
Founded 4 Years ago
Apr 19, 2012


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59 Members
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Have a Wattpad account? Read this story there by clicking on the following link!…

MoonClan's Prophecy Wiki

MoonClan's Prophecy has a wiki page on! Here, there is all the information you could ever want on the book! Each character has their own page and it's updated often so you always have the lowdown on the book!

You can view it here:…


The book is based off a role play on another website that has long since become inactive and deleted, but the Co-Founders are people on DA who were apart of it on that website. They own some of the characters in the book. To recognize them, here's a list.

BlossomCloud played Blossomflower and Branchflight
Viszla7 played Flamepool, Dayflight, Sunheart, Fleetwind and Dappleclaw
Lionpaste played Scorchfur, Lilyfur, Lilacslash, Sootlife, Kindheart, Mallowpaw, Marshfur, Coldheart and Flamedsparks

You guys are awesome!

Fan Art

Most MoonClan's Prophecy fan art is accepted! Here are a few guidelines.

No porn related pictures. Like cats mating or anything.
No pictures that have nothing to do with the book MoonClan's Prophecy. I have seen pictures of random cats and the like popping up in the fan art folder. That isn't fan art, it is just art, unless it was intended for the book. Because of this, I have locked the folder so that it needs an Admin's vote to get in.
Yes, you can draw pictures of your own pairings that aren't canon. I totally understand the urge to do that and I don't care if they are same sex or not. Honestly. I'm flattered if you draw stuff about my book.

If you have drawn a fan art, then just post a comment on the MoonClan's Prophecy page saying you drew a fan art and put the link to it in the comment! Once the Admin has approved, then it will be put into the fan art folder of the gallery!
So it's been awhile since I've looked at MoonClan's Prophecy so I have decided that since it's Spring Break and I now have a ridiculous amount of time to myself, I'm going to edit it!

I want to completely edit the entire thing, and then go through it on deviantART and just repaste the new edited copy.

Here's some things that will be changed
- New scenes! I'm going to add a few new scenes to make the book flow better.
- The sisters are keeping their powers. I've said before they won't be, but I  have changed my mind.
- Grammar, obviously. Some of this stuff was written when I was a 13 years old. Yeah.
- A few characters' names might change. Trust me, it's for the better. But don't worry, it will be minor characters!

So you might want to plan to reread the novel sometime soon ;) You'll find some new surprises to look forward to!

Have a nice week, and for those of you on Spring Break or will be soon, stay safe!

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AlariChickadee Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2014  Student General Artist
Hi, I drew flame kit :)
hollypismudeyes Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2013
hey i gotta ask or suggest you should do one more on hawkpaw like how mabey he ran away from the rogues came to find a home doesnt want to be evil sommmet like that maybey:happybounce: 
MoonTheGreat Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
That does sound cool, however I have so many book ideas that it would never happen :/ After I finish MoonClan's Prophecy, I plan to focus a little more on some original ideas I have, and not fan fiction
hollypismudeyes Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2013
whens 18 out? i cant find it:(

MoonTheGreat Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
OH MY GOSH HAVE I NOT POSTED IT YET??? Ack I'll do that now! Sorry D:
FoxHeart23 Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Is it possible for one of my OC's to be in the story?
MoonTheGreat Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Sorry, but no. All the characters who are and will be are already planned. This is based on an RPG, so the plot and characters have been long since in the making. There was a contest in which people created characters and one was chosen and put in the book, but that contest is over. Sorry.
yellowfangssecret Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2013
What is an RPG anyway?
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